Saturday, July 9, 2011


Figured out yesterday how to save draft postings on Etsy - someone had mentioned to post more things on the weekend. I guess more people are shopping then?

But anyway, I posted some sweet earrings. These took a little longer to make, but I think I like them better because they are fancier and more dangly. I'm geting much better ideas about what to do with the bottlecaps lately, rather than just flattening them out like I used to do. Adding beads to dangle is a little tedious but also fun.

(An aside! Oh no, Georgie fell behind the tv!! Lets see if she can figure out how to get back out...)

Honey weiss, deliciosoOMG these are Sooooo cute!

FYI Georgie made it back from behind the tv, don't worry :)


  1. That's so cool ~ I didn't even know you could created Draft postings for Etsy, wow! Found you through your comment on Etsy Success and loved my visit!

  2. Yeah, its pretty cool. So I just made the posts last night and decided not to publish them right then. I'm still trying to figure out this timing thing.

    In other news, a weird dude just walked by my apt looking in... :-/ Too bad my bf is mountain biking...

  3. Love your shop! These earrings are adorable. :) Found you from Etsy Success... and wow I live in Wisconsin too! :P Sea Marie

  4. Ha thanks!! Actually, I'm just from WI, I live in Boulder, CO now.